REMUS taurė

Rules And Regulations

REMUS Cup is an indoor rowing competition in doubles using rowing ergometres „Concept-2“. 

Place: Rowing club Academia Remigum, Karaimu str. 93A, Trakai, Lithuania. 
Start of competition: 13.00. 
Participants: men and women.

System of the competition 

1. Participants compete in “doubles”. Double is a crew of two athletes simultaneously rowing on two separate ergometres. Members of the same crew row on two side by side ergometres that are connected via electronic link and display the overall result. 

2. Up to three crews race at the same time (6 athletes). 

Age groups 

1. Participants of REMUS Cup are divided into 4 age groups:

J - juniors under 18 
A – 18+ -  30 years, 
B – 30+ - 50 years, 
C – 50+ years. 

2. Age group is identified according to average of the ages of crew members. The age of a participant shall be that which he attains during the year of the last race of the Cup. 

3. Crew can compete only in that age group, which corresponds to the crew members’ average age.
4. Non-rowers are not divided into age groups.


1. women’s non-rowers double MW

2. women’s double group JW 

3. women’s double group AW

4. women’s double group BW

5. women’s double group CW

6. men’s double group JM 

7. men’s double group AM

8. men’s double group BM

9. men’s double group CM

10. men’s non-rowers double MM

11. mixed double group JMIX

11. mixed double group AMIX 

12. mixed double group B MIX

13. mixed double group CMIX

14. mixed non-rowers' double MMIX

Mixed crew – one man and one woman. 
Participants can compete in one or several events. 


Entry form can be filled in here
Deadline for sending the entry forms is two days before the race. 

Start fee – 10 Euro per seat (20 Euro per crew).

Juniors U18 - 7 Euro per seat (14 Euro per crew).

Entry fee must be paid not later than 1 hour till the start of the current race. Start fee can be paid online, at „Academia Remigum“ office or by bank transfer to UAB „Academia Remigum“ account Nr. AS LT74 7044 0600 0597 0765. 

Racing order 

Participants are divided into heats according to the time of receiving their entries. 

Crews that registered at the earliest, race in the latest heats and those who registered at the latest, race in first heats. 

Elucidation of the winners 

1. Winners of the REMUS Cup races are elucidated according to the best time. 

2. In case two or more crews in the same event finish with an equal time, they take the same place. 

Awarding of the winners 

1.Winners of the race are awarded with medals and diplomas of REMUS Cup. 

2.Winners are awarded with REMUS Cups. 

Each competitor is responsible for his own health and fitness and confirms that by signing on the race day.